Announcing Heaps of New Analysis Features

Two weeks ago, we shared our new Heap interface, a snappier and easier-to-use dashboard that lets you get insights faster than ever.

Our $11 Million Series A

We’re very excited to announce our $11M Series A! The fundraising round was led by NEA and includes Menlo Ventures, SVAngel, Initialized Capital, and Pear Ventures.

Take Heap SQL to the next level with Mode

This article was originally published on Mode's blog by Emily Ritter, Marketing at Mode.

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Mode, a collaborative analytics platform that tightly integrates SQL queries, Python notebooks, and reporting tools to make a profound impact on an entire organization's ability to use data effectively.

Heap and Looker Partner to Make Data Collection Painless

Starting today, we're excited to announce a new Looker for Heap SQL Block. With Looker and Heap, anyone can answer essential questions that drive growth like user engagement, attribution and application performance.

“One mass shooting per day” tells an important story that’s still wrong

On Aug. 26, the fatal shooting of two journalists during a live broadcast in Virginia sparked a new wave of debate about gun violence and a flurry of reportage on the alarming frequency of mass shootings in the United States. The Washington Post 

The case for Uber’s “deceptive” data

In late July, Data & Society researcher Alexander Rosenblat claimed that Uber misinforms users by showing “phantom cars” at locations on the app’s map where no rides are actually available. Uber representatives were quick to deny the allegation, providing a number of explanations for the inaccuracies cited, from inevitable delays in location updates to the intention of protecting drivers from possible threats in light of the recent riots in Paris.