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This article was originally published on Looker's blog by Erin Franz, Alliances at Looker.

“One mass shooting per day” tells an important story that’s still wrong

On Aug. 26, the fatal shooting of two journalists during a live broadcast in Virginia sparked a new wave of debate about gun violence and a flurry of reportage on the alarming frequency of mass shootings in the United States. The Washington Post 

The case for Uber’s “deceptive” data

In late July, Data & Society researcher Alexander Rosenblat claimed that Uber misinforms users by showing “phantom cars” at locations on the app’s map where no rides are actually available. Uber representatives were quick to deny the allegation, providing a number of explanations for the inaccuracies cited, from inevitable delays in location updates to the intention of protecting drivers from possible threats in light of the recent riots in Paris. 

How Much Should I Discount For Prepaid SaaS Contracts?

 Most software-as-a-service (SaaS) products are billed on a monthly basis. But many offer discounts for one year or two year upfront commitments. A few examples:

  • Optimizely - 10% off for a 1 year commitment, 25% off for 2 years
  • Olark - 10% off for 1 year, 30% off for 2 years
  • Kissmetrics - 20% off for 1 year

Using Data to Simplify Your Product

 Building new features is fun. There are few things more exciting than imagining the myriad possibilities of your product, and making those possibilities happen. But it’s often just as important to remove unneeded features.

Why remove a feature?

Even the simplest features have an ongoing cost

The Single Most Useful Analytics Strategy for Early-Stage Startups

 In the early days of Heap, we pushed a change to our dashboard that caused engagement to skyrocket. The day after the change went live, people on average ran over twice as many queries in the Heap dashboard as the day before.

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