Seeing and Selling the Stories in Data with Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, Author

When you need to share data with an audience—like in a fundraising presentation or a project proposal—it's tempting to just toss together a graph or chart, tack on a title, and call it a day. But are you sure your message is really getting through? 

Enter Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, author of Storytelling With Data, blogger, and instructor who is on a mission to help everyone tell clear, impactful stories using data.

Using Data to Design Powerful Products with Bill Farrell of HelloSign

In Episode 2 of The Analyst, we speak with Bill Farrell, Director of Product at HelloSign, about how to use data—both quantitative and qualitative—in product development, how to prioritize your roadmap, build your product team, and more.

Three Powerful Ways to Use Data to Close More Deals in SaaS Sales

As a salesperson, there are an unlimited number of tools that help us be successful. We use prospecting tools, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and email automation, but most of us aren’t taking advantage of the most powerful signals we have at our disposal: what our users are doing within our product.

The Wide World of Data Science with Jessica Kirkpatrick of Hired

The Analyst is a podcast about how to use data to solve problems, in business and beyond.

In our inaugural episode, we chat with Jessica Kirkpatrick, an astrophysicist-turned-data scientist currently working at HiredHired’s marketplace brings together highly qualified individuals with the companies who want to hire them.

Announcing Heaps of New Analysis Features

Two weeks ago, we shared our new Heap interface, a snappier and easier-to-use dashboard that lets you get insights faster than ever.

Our $11 Million Series A

We’re very excited to announce our $11M Series A! The fundraising round was led by NEA and includes Menlo Ventures, SVAngel, Initialized Capital, and Pear Ventures.

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